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Building a work in progress!

Updated: May 16

With the completion of the new fire pull stations and alarms installed throughout the Legion, at the cost of nearly $60,000 raised with the help of our community, we are continuing the work on the inside (raising funds for the installation of an elevator to be added) as well as cosmetic improvements. Our silhouttes have been added, and will be completed once warm weather is back upon us, and our large Poppy Mural will also be completed. Our goal is to complete all of this by June 1st.

However, WE NEED YOUR HELP FINANCIALLY! Since investing in all of our upgrades, we are in dire need of financial assistance! We need donations to complete the work, and to install an elevator or chair lift.

We encourage all that would like to help, or donate, stay on top of our process by signing up to this website. Thank you all for your continued support, and lets help make this 150th anniversary for Petrolia one to remember! DONATE SECURELY HERE:

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